Shore Little League


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The league age of a Little Leaguer is based on the player’s age as of August 31 of the current year.  For the player pitch divisions of softball, the player's age is based on calendar year. Please refer to the 2019 Baseball and Softball Age Charts.

T-Ball - Boys and girls age 4-6 

Machine Pitch - Boys and Girls age 6-11


Player Pitch divisions:

9-10 Boys Baseball - age 8-10

9-10 Girls Softball - age 8-10

11-12 Boys Baseball - age 10-12

11-12 Girls Softball - age 10-12

Boys 50/70 - age 11-13

Boys Senior League - age 13-16

Girls Senior League - age 13-16


Interleague games with Central Accomack and North Accomack are played a few times during the season for the player pitch divisions. These games will primarily be on weekends. 

Occasionally we do not have enough REGISTERED players to have a Shore team in the 13-16 divisions and we will combine with Central Accomack to form a single team. However, only those that are registered will be eligible to play. PLEASE DO NOT wait to "see if there is enough" to have a team. The only way we know this is by those that are registered.  You will be contacted as soon as we know if we will need to combine and you will be offered the option to play or be reimbursed.

2019 baseball age chart
2019 softball age chart